Top places to visit near by Gondia City

Gondia is mostly preferred destination for travelers weather it be family, kids and couples. The best season or months to visit places in Gondia are February, October, November, December. Local attractions can be visited at any time of the day, be it early morning, afternoon, evening or night, as suitable for travellers. Tourist attractions in Gondia, which are great places to visit, are Nawegaon National ParkItiadoh DamSuryadeo Mando Devi TemplesHazara FallsNagzira Wildlife Sanctuary.

1. Nawegaon National Park

Nawegaon National Park
Nawegaon National Park Credits: GondiaCityApp

The Nawegaon National Park is situated in Nawegaon, which is in close proximity to Gondia. It is famous for housing numerous varieties of flora, fauna and vegetations. The park is spread across an area of 135 sq km and includes a beautiful lake, known as the Nawegaon Lake. The lake forms a wetland in Vidarbha area that is popular among tourists for trekking.

The park has around 209 species of birds, 26 species of mammals and nine species of reptiles. Animals that reside in the park include tiger, nilgais, wild bears, panthers and wolf. This national park also houses species of jamun, teak, ain, kawat, haldu and bhor. Scarlet minivet, fly catcher and kingfisher can also be spotted in the park.

Visitors to the park can enjoy jungle safari for watching different animal species. Apart from this, the park also has a library, an interpretation centre and a small museum. Tourists can visit Nawegaon National Park throughout the year.


2. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira National Park, Gondia
Nagzira National Park
Tiger in Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary, Gondia
Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary, Credits: Gondia CityApp

The Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the popular tourist places, known for its biodiversity conservation. The sanctuary is home to diverse vegetation and serves as a ‘Green lung’ in order to maintain the equilibrium in the ecosystem.

The sanctuary has 36 species of mammals and 14 out of these are endangered. There are around 49 species alone of butterfly along with common mormon, common Indian crow, lime butterfly and black rajah.

There are around 166 species of birds present in the sanctuary. An endangered bird named, ‘peafowl’ can also be spotted in this wildlife sanctuary. The Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary provides habitat to fishes, amphibians and reptiles.

Flaunting Peacock

3. Itiadoh Dam

Itiadoh Dam Sight Seeing

Itiadoh Dam is located near Morgaon Arjuni tehsil and has the length and height of 505 m and 29.85 m respectively. This dam serves districts like Gondia, Ghadchiroli and Bhandra in managing paddy irrigation. It is also popular for its katla fish and prawn culture. Moreover, tourists can visit the Tibetan carpet weaving segment situated nearby, which was started by the Norgying Tibetan clan.

4. Kachargadh Caves

Inner Side Photo, Kachargadh Cave, Gondia
Inner Side Photo, Kachargadh Cave, Gondia

Kachargadh Caves are located in Salekasa tehsil and are around 25,000 years old. The dimension of a naturally formed cave is 180x110x55 ft. Few stone weapons were discovered by the archaeologists and are believed to be used by the inhabitants of ancient time. Located amidst the dense forests, tourists can also indulge in trekking while for the natives, it is a revered place. Best way is to walk your way up amidst the jungle and enjoy the lush greens around. Caves remain open through out the year but the best time is to go in winters or after the rain gets over, its a jungle and all sorts of crawling beings will be on the prawl. Not a place for picnic/old people/ infants and most of times its deserted as well.

Kachargarh Fort Cave
Kachargarh Fort Cave, Gondia

5. Hajara Falls

Hajra Falls, Gondia
Hajara Falls, Gondia

Hajara falls Only 33 km from NH-6 Near Darekasa Railway station. Best time to visit in rainy season as waterfall gets its water from the river. Got a zipline which goes over the water and is really a thrilling experience. Decently maintained, though few tiled pathways could have work wonders for the visitors. If visiting during rains, do wear water resistant footwear and shorts to avoid mud splashes. Though few shacks are built nearby which provides water, chips, tea etc. its always better to carry decent, branded water and food. Entering water is prohibited so don’t bother carrying swim wear.

6. Suryadeo Mando Devi Temples

Mando Devi Temple, Gondia
Mando Devi Temple, Gondia

The Suryadeo Temple is dedicated to the Sun God, Surya, and is situated on a hillock in such a way that it can capture the first rays of the sun. The Mando Devi Temple, on the other hand, is thronged by devotees during Navratri. Both temples are in Goregaon, 25 kilometres from Gondia.

Mando Devi Front View
Mando Devi Front View, Credits: ExploreMyTrip

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